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Art is Trash

By Francisco de Pájaro

Catalogue / Art is Trash / Promopress / 2015 / English edition / 180 x 270 mm / 192 pages / Color / ISBN: 978-84-15967-34-7 / «Art is Trash is the nom de guerre of Francisco de Pájaro, the artist who has astounded passers-by in th streets of Barcelona, London and New York, but also bloggers, curators and gallery owners, eager to find straightforward, instinctive and honest artists. Leading urban art galleries such us Westbank Gallery in London and Base Elements in Barcelona have already exhibited his works. This is the first book to showcase the work, phylosophy and evolution of one of the most fascinating, groundbreaking and brave artists in the street-art scen today, through his street installations and his canvases in galleries». Montse Borràs (excerpt of the back cover) / Design in collaboration with Carla Bosch.